Here are the notes from the Cai Jian (蔡剑, a well-known jazz guitarist and composer in China, the teacher of Jazz Guitar at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music) jazz guitar school in 2nd grade. The mind map notes are made by teaching assistant Zhichao (@Jazz_Chao).



Note of preparatory courses of Cai Jian (蔡剑) jazz guitar lessons by Qihao Chen (陈启豪).


The topic of end-to-end (E2E) test is a platitude in web front-end (FE) domain, especially most of blogs are talking about testing frameworks out of the real web production. The real world needs solution, for E2E test which means a service can do E2E testing and alerting with stability and even good performance. This article will introduce how we design and build our E2E test service for the newer version of our web application based on popular web FE frameworks and integration with abundant Microsoft services, including several workarounds to tell the problems we met and how we overcame them.

In addition, I shared this system internally at first, then it becomes my first blog article in English. Probably I will translate it into Chinese sooner or later.

In the July of 2021, we build another E2E system to replace the legacy one for Azure Machine Learning Studio (classic) because its runner service will be decommissioned at once. If you are just interested in the latest things, jump to the chapter for a quick review.